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Expert Q & A: formation of six key issues WLAN

Wireless network in its "ubiquitous" in pursuing the appeal is becoming the focus. Both the network upgrade or re-networking, people always want their network to get rid of the shackles of cable, into the free world. However, compared to wired and wireless products or new things, not all users can set up a good grasp of key points. Here, we collected six questions to answer with a universal, we want to help set up WLAN.

Is 802.11g or 802.11b?

For now, people have three ways to achieve wireless Internet, wireless Internet access and WLAN respectively, CDMA, GPRS Internet. In terms of domestic users, either speed or charges, WLAN wireless Internet is a great program experience wireless freedom. WLAN networks are now on the market to set rates according to the different products can be divided into 11M, 54M, 22M, 108M, among which the most common before the two products. So for home users, both standard products which is more suitable?

To answer this question is not very easy, because although 802.11b 802.11g products can be viewed as a product upgrade, but in compatibility, stability and coverage area, the price advantage is not obvious. First of all, 802.11b 11M transmission products faster than DSL, LAN and other family type common broadband access speed, fully meet the home users share wireless broadband Internet access needs. Secondly, 802.11b products in the price acceptable, from the current price point of view, the brand of 802.11g with 802.11b products is often the price of 2 to 3 times, but just recently a few companies will lower prices to the user acceptable level. Have proven more 802.11b products, great choice, it is more suitable for home users choose.

802.11g is the mainstream of future development, but here to remind everyone that, 802.11g and 802.11b products product mix, the throughput can only reach 14.4M or so, so 802.11g products more suitable for the formation of the new network.

Need to purchase separate wireless firewall?

Network security is an eternal topic, but in the wireless network is particularly heavy. As for what kind of 802.11x security vulnerabilities will not repeat them here. We want to answer the question is: set up a separate wireless network requires acquisition of the wireless firewall?

In the wireless field, to concentrate on products dedicated to firewall functionality is not much, if any, the price can not afford home users. In other words, wireless firewalls and other products is always bundled with other products as an additional functionality, which is the most common wireless broadband router.

Wireless Broadband Router is higher than the cost of wireless AP products, is the realization of a home network to share a good product. Home prices remain at between 500 to 1,000 yuan in sales during the summer, their prices have dropped significantly. These products are typically integrated AP, routing and switching functions, and some products are also using advanced Stateful Packet Inspection firewall, DoS attacks can be protective, but also the possible problems E-mail to issue a warning notice. In addition, many products also have a variety of security measures, such as 128-bit WEP encryption, SSID hiding, MAC address filtering. MAC address filtering which is commonly used in high-efficiency small-scale network security solution that user data packets by examining the source MAC address to authenticate the user's credibility. For advanced users, but also through the VPN feature to create their own dedicated security channel.

To ensure the security of wireless networks, using a firewall is necessary, but not for home users need to buy more, those with a wireless router firewall and associated security measures to meet the demand. Although this hardware firewall can not block all network viruses, hacker attacks, but to prevent or have a certain effect, while not occupy system resources. Finally need to remind you that in the wireless network, the traditional software firewall, antivirus software can also play the role of a good safety precaution.

Wireless LAN is a USB interface, or PCI interface?

Wireless LAN according to the different interface types, divided into three types, namely, PCMCIA wireless network card, PCI wireless network card and USB wireless network card. Which, PCMCIA wireless network card can only be used for notebook, desktop computers for the latter two.

PCI wireless card for desktop machine is mainly designed to use PCI slot, its advantage is independent of the host CPU, and the direct exchange of data between computer memory and reduce the CPU burden. But its disadvantages are also obvious, is not adjustable signal receiving position, vulnerable to interference from the host computer, easily dropped. USB interface using the wireless network card not only has the Plug and Play, heat strong performance, transmission speed advantages, but also the ability to easily use USB extension cable the network adapters from the computer, to avoid interference and adjusts the position and direction card. The drawback is not easy to manage, and the price is relatively slightly more expensive.

From the above analysis we can see, unless your motherboard does not support USB interface, or should be preferred USB wireless network card, and prices are generally acceptable, as the TP-Link WN230 USB Wireless Network Card only 290 yuan. If your USB device more, you can "drag 4" USB adapter head solution.

Wireless Set is sad to you?

From the recent promotions of view, the most dazzling variety of wireless packages. From the business point of view, such products are mainly targeted primary users, aimed at expanding its market share, Erju the product compatibility, Pipei upper right Xiaofeizheyou Yi Ding guiding significance, In addition, the costs remains the more obvious the concessions. But from the consumer point of view, this is not necessarily cheaper so well accounted for. I need a friend from work, started early in the unit using wireless, and recently also want to set up a wireless network at home. Although the wireless sets a very good value for money, but he has a PCMCIA wireless card, just need a wireless router. If he is not worth buying the whole package feel; if a single purchase, the price of the "huge" gap between it difficult to accept.

But needs to be emphasized is that each product has its own market positioning, wireless package deal mainly with the "poor white" of the primary user. Consumers who already have a foundation to buy the wireless package although some inconvenience, but not necessarily spend money wasted. Very worth learning here a kind of practice: in the market looking for a "like-minded" friends, both what they want, with the purchase of a wireless package. Contact each other to stay before breaking up for good care of each other during the warranty period. This will not only enjoy the preferential policies, they get a satisfactory product, but also more of a "circle" friends.

Need to buy the antenna?

People asking for an indefinite distance wireless transmission, and we clearly Products in the "maximum distance" Most things in the absence of any shelter calculated under the conditions of actual use of them failed. We do not need to buy the antenna?

We first of all should be clear, whether the wireless network card, wireless AP or wireless router, have built-in wireless antenna. When the transmission distance close, generally 20 to 30 meters indoor and outdoor 100 meters in 50 hours, no need to purchase an external antenna. Secondly, the effective transmission distance of wireless signal penetration also related to the gap between different products is also very large. Brand-name products can generally be within 30 meters through two Duqiang Bi, and a few low-end products will be dropped may be a turning point. In addition, the decision of the scope of wireless networks is the key AP or wireless router, and wireless network card does not matter much.

From the above analysis we see that, for home users, only when the need for long-distance data transmission, it become necessary to consider outsourcing gain antenna, while the home a short distance transmission is not necessary to purchase another antenna. If the business has repeatedly stated that the product does not configure the external antenna affects the normal transmission, then we have reason to doubt the quality of the product, do not buy this product worth mentioning.

Mature products should pay attention to brand?

Relatively speaking, 802.11b is a relatively mature technology, there is a lot of support for its products, and the price is very attractive. That we can ignore the brand and the value price?

On this problem seems to be some old-fashioned, but we trust in the brand's intention to promote not just limited to the product itself, which requires buyers to look at from the perspective of long-term wireless products.

First of all, on the speed and signal receiving capacity, currently supports the 802.11b standard products are mostly similar, but has much power and stability of the difference. Authentic brand-name manufacturers will adopt a brand of wireless chips and electronic components, reliable quality and stable performance. Individual small factories were mostly unknown even by low-grade defective wireless chip, which resulted in product power is too large or too small. Power is too small, then the wireless network signal coverage and transmission stability of the poor; power is too large, it will have a negative impact on the human body. If a PCMCIA card, laptop wireless freedom on the ability of even worse.

Secondly, wireless products is a time of progress, only those manufacturers have the ability to upgrade the program in time for the users, and small plants will not have the energy to provide this service.

Finally need to be reminded that, although now supports 802.11x standard products a lot, but not quite standard, the manufacturers on product compatibility with each other remains to be further improved. Meanwhile, the manufacturers in order to highlight its own characteristics, but also created a lot of technical terms, there is no energy to ordinary users Discrimination. So if you want your wireless network expansion in time, upgrade it, or choose a brand it. Wireless network in its "ubiquitous" in pursuing the appeal is becoming the focus. Both the network upgrade or re-networking, people always want their network to get rid of the shackles of cable, into the free world. However, compared to wired and wireless products or new things, not all users can set up a good grasp of key points. Here, we collected six questions to answer with a universal, we want to help set up WLAN.

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